Sunday, February 3, 2008


A temporary eye may be put in wire by using wire rope clips. A wire rope clip consists of two parts, the U-bolt and the roddle, the part into which the U-bolt is inserted. You should always put the U-bolt over the bitter end and the roddle on the standing part. This protects the live or stress-bearing end of the rope against crushing. The roddle protects the rope and, should always be placed against the live end.
To get maximum strength from the temporary eye splice, use the correct size and number of wire clips, and the correct spacing between them. Size is stamped on the roddle between the two holes. Use the following formula to determine the number of clips: 3 x diameter of wire rope + 1 = number of clips. For example, the number of clips needed for l-inch wire rope is: 3 x 1 + 1 = 4. To determine the correct space between clips, multiply the diameter of the rope by six. For example, the space between clips to be put on 1-inch rope is: 6 x 1 = 6 inches. Measure the space from the center of one clip to the center of the next one. If the calculation for either the number or the space results in a fraction, round off to the next higher whole number.

(Molly Hogan) Splice. Sometimes you have to put a splice in fast, you can do this with the Molly Hogan splice. This splice can be quickly made, but it is limited to about 70 percent of the strength of the wire rope. It should not be used to lift heavy loads. This splice can be used only when working with preformed wire rope. To make a hasty eye splice, personnel should follow these steps:
(1) Using a marlinespike, screwdriver, or, if necessary, a nail, separate the wire rope into two three-strand sections. These sections should be unlaid four times the diameter of the desired eye. If you want a l-foot diameter eye, unlay the sections back 4 feet.
(2) Use the two sections to form a loop of the desired diameter for the eye.
(3) Lay the strands back around each other to form the eye.
(4) After the strands have been laid back around each other and the eye has been formed, seize the wire to complete the splice.