Friday, May 2, 2008

1. Gyrocompass repeaters reproduce the indications of the master gyrocompass. They are __________.

    a. accurate only in the Polar regions
    b. accurate electronic servomechanisms
    c. hand operated
    d. accurate only if the vessel is underway
2. A vessel is steaming in east longitude on January 25 and crosses the International Date Line on an eastbound course at 0900 zone time. What is the date and time at Greenwich when the vessel crosses the line?  

    a. 0900, 24 January
    b. 2100, 24 January
    c. 2100, 25 January
    d. 0900, 26 January
3. Wind velocity varies __________.  

    a. directly with the temperature of the air mass
    b. directly with the pressure gradient
    c. inversely with the barometric pressure
    d. inversely with the absolute humidity
4. The period at high or low tide during which there is no change in the height of the water is called the __________.  

    a. range of the tide
    b. plane of the tide
    c. stand of the tide
    d. reversing of the tide
5. When you are steering on a pair of range lights and find the upper light is above the lower light you should __________.  

    a. come left
    b. come right
    c. continue on the present course
    d. wait until the lights are no longer in a vertical line
6. When displayed under a single-span fixed bridge, red lights indicate __________.  

    a. the channel boundaries
    b. that vessels must stop
    c. the bridge is about to open
    d. that traffic is approaching from the other side
7. The wind at Frying Pan shoals has been northwesterly at an average velocity of 22 knots. The predicted set and drift of the rotary current are 125° at 0.6 knot. What current should you expect?  

    a. 119° at 0.9 knot
    b. 172° at 1.1 knots
    c. 225° at 0.6 knot
    d. 340° at 0.4 knot
8. A buoy having red and green horizontal bands would have a light characteristic of __________.  

    a. interrupted quick flashing
    b. composite group flashing
    c. Morse (A)
    d. quick flashing
9. Lines on a chart which connect points of equal magnetic variation are called __________.  

    a. magnetic latitudes
    b. magnetic declinations
    c. dip
    d. isogonic lines
10 Most modern Loran-C receivers, when not tracking properly, have a(n) __________.  

    a. bell alarm to warn the user
    b. lighted alarm signal to warn the user
    c. alternate signal keying system
    d. view finder for each station