Monday, January 5, 2009

GMDSS Sea 300 MF/HF SSB Radio

To power up the transceiver
a. Press (PWR) key, Radio will self-test and will take a few minutes to stabilize
b. Keying the microphone push-to-talk button will switch the transmitter circuits on
c. When the microphone P- T- T button is depressed the "TUNED" indicator will indicate that the transmitter has matched to the antenna
d. Stop scan on SeaCall 7000 - Press (3)

Selecting a voice channel
a. Enter the desired three or four digit channel number followed by (ENT) key.
b. To enter CH 403, press [4] [0] [3] (ENT) keys.
c.To toggle the display from Channel to Frequency press (CHAN / FREQ) key.

Selecting a TELEX channel
a. Enter the desired telex channel followed by the (Mode) key.
b. Make sure the modem key is on.
c. To enter CH403 Telex press (4) (0) (3) (MODE) keys.
d. To toggle the display from Channel to Frequency press (CHAN / FREQ) key.

Entering a Receive only frequency
a. To enter any frequency between 490.0 kHz and 30,000.0 Khz
b. Enter the frequency using four, five, or six digits followed by (ENT) key.
c. The (CHAN / FREQ) key will be inoperative when in the receive only mode.

To manually review the ITU channel list
a. Enter a desired ITU channel number followed by (AUX / SEND) key.
b. Use the UP or DOWN keys to sept through the ITU channel list.

c. To exit the manual ITU channel review and restore normal radio operation press (ENT) key.

Adjusting the squelch threshold
a. The squelch normally needs no adjustments, and is factory adjusted you can manually adjust the threshold from the low level 0 to the very high level 9.
b. To adjust the squelch threshold Press (AUX / SEND) and (SQL) keys.

c. Enter the desired squelch level setting, (3) (ENT) keys.
d. The factory setting is 4.

e. Use the (SQL) key to toggle the squelch on and off The "SQL" annunciator indicates the squelch is on.

Controlling Front Panel Illumination
a. Enter any numeric key from (1) to (4) followed by (ENT) key.
b. 1 = illumination off 4= Maximum brilliance

Selecting Level of Power Output
a. There are three power level for the radio. High power = (150 Watts MF band) (300 Watts HF band) Intermediate power = 1/2 power in each band Low power is 25 Watts in MF band and 50 Watts in HF band
b. To decrease power in one-level increments press (AUX / SEND) (FREQ DOWN) key.
c. To increase power in one-level increments press (AUX / SEND) (FREQ) UP key.

Selecting Lower Sideband (if needed, Standard is USB)
a. To select Lower Sideband Press (MODE) key until "LSB" appears in the annunciator.
b. The radio is normally in Upper Sideband.