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Because of its proximity to the ocean, only minutes away, whale watchers can be from dockside to viewing whales and other marine life in a matter of minutes on one of our whale watching tours. Depoe Bay is the site of the world’s smallest navigable harbor. The beauty of Depoe Bay’s rocky coastline along with it's caves and small coves make this a popular coastal destination.

Whale Cove is a small cove, approximately one-third of a mile in diameter, located just South of Depoe Bay. Whale Cove was the location where Francis Drake spent the summer of 1579 during his circumnavigation of the globe by sea. The exact location of Drake's landing spot, at which he claimed a portion of the west coast of North America as "New Albion" has long been a mystery. One of our favorate places to show our customers is Whale Cove, here you can enjoy watching whales, bald eagles, sea lions and harbor seals.

In the spring, March through June most of these gray whales make the journey from their breeding lagoons in Baja California to the Arctic feeding grounds. On this northbound migration, small numbers of gray whales fall out of the migration group and stop at various locations along the Oregon coast, one of these places is Depoe Bay; these whales are called resident whales.

For whales to be known as residents, they must stay around a certain area for at least two days, exhibit feeding behavior, and return year after year. This distinguishes them from migrating whales which stop on their migration and feed then move on their way. Along the coast of Depoe Bay, our resident gray whales begin showing up in June.

On any one day throughout the summer, numbers range from 1 to 20. Some arrive in early summer, leave, and then return in late summer or early fall. Resident gray whales remain around Depoe Bay for a period of days to months, there is one whale Scarback who has been around for at least 20 years.

One of the main attractions for people coming to the Oregon coast is whale watching.We hope you will join us to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Hop aboard the Whales Tail at Dockside Charters, we are the premier whale watching tour on the Oregon coast.

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