Monday, March 17, 2008


Number of POB's=Length of Boat x Boat Width ÷ 15
Never overload your boat with passengers and cargo beyond its safe carrying capacity. Too many people and/or gear will cause the boat to become unstable. Always load your vessel so that it maintains proper trim. Here are some basic things to remember when loading your boat:
Distribute the load evenly fore and aft and from side to side.
Keep the load low.
Keep passengers seated.
Secure all loose gear to prevent shifting.
Do not exceed the "U.S. Coast Guard Maximum Capacities" information labe called the (Capacity Plate).
If there is no capacity plate, you can use the graph above as a guide to determine the maximum number of persons you can safely carry in calm weather. (The chart is for mono-hull boats less than 20ft in length.) A mono-hull is a boat, which makes a single "footprint" in the water when loaded to its rated capacity. A catamaran, trimaran, or a pontoon boat is not a mono-hull boat.