Friday, June 27, 2008

Prepare Your Boat For High Winds

This is the start of the hurricane season for boaters. You should be prepared well before the hurricane season begins, and know what to do in the event a storm makes landfall.
Get a plan in place early to make preparing your boat as efficient and quick as possible when a hurricane watch is issued .

Purchase items needed for a storm preparation kit.
Check your cleats for adequate strength, replace weak back plates and bolts with aluminum back plates and stainless steel bolts.
Make a checklist and keep it handy. If the time comes to implement your plan, you will be less likely to forget something important.
Take an inventory, preferably by video or camera of the interior, exterior, and the items in your boat. Keep it in a safe place in case you need to file an insurance claim.
Find a sheltered "anchorage" if you plan to anchor your boat out, and make a plan to get there quickly and safely.

Before hurricane season begins, make a plan that includes purchasing items that will help you prep your boat quickly and efficiently. Here are a few basics suggestions for your boat’s preparation kit:
1. Duct tape
2. Plastic
3. Rags
4. Plywood
5. Trash bags to easily remove items from your boat
Add these items to the items for all boats if your boat is moored:
Extra mooring lines a 1/4” to double the size of your normal line. Purchase new line and store outside of the marine environment to ensure the integrity of the line. Use this line for storm preparation only.
Chafing gear made of garden or fire hose, leather, or other reinforced plastic.
Extra fenders or old tires
Extra line, tie straps, or bungy cords to lash loose items down
Add these items to the items for all boats if your boat is trailered:
Blocks for your boat trailer
Tie straps or heavy rope to tie your boat to the trailer
Grounds hooks or steel rebar and chains or tie straps to anchor your trailer to the ground