Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ocean Charter Equipment List

Magnetic Compass : An installed, marine-style magnetic compass shall be located at the vessel’s primary steering station. Uninspected vessels less than 26 feet of open construction can use a portable or hand-held compass as an alternative means of compliance.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) : A satellite 406 MHz EPIRB is required for all charter vessels operating at any distance offshore.

Running Lights : Vessels shall be equipped with lighting configurations as specified in a Navigation Rules for International and Inland waters.

Power / Hand Operated Bilge Pump/Bailing Bucket :

All vessels must comply with U.S.C.G. requirements as listed:
Vessels less than 7.9m (26ft) up to 19.8m (65ft) not carrying more than 49 pass:
A bilge high water warning system shall not be required on dory style
1 – fixed power pump and one – portable hand pump, or, 1 – fixed hand pump and one – portable hand pump

Vessels not more than 19.8m (65ft), carrying more than 49 passengers:
1 – fixed power pump and 1 – portable hand pump

Vessels more than 19.8 m (65ft): 2 – fixed power pumps. Additionally, each must have, 1 – five gallon bucket

Depth Finder : An installed (not portable), functioning depth finding unit shall be at or near the vessel’s primary steering station. The equipment shall provide an adequate range of depth scales allowing the operator to select scales that provide ample safety warning of abrupt ocean bottom contour changes.

Light / Smoke Flares : Vessels operating in ocean or coastal waters and bays/rivers, with an opening to the seas of 2 miles or more, are required to carry light and or smoke flares as follows:
Coastal, less than 3 miles from the coastline - One electronic distress light, or 3 approved flares, and one distress flag or 3 approved flares or 3 approved smoke signals

Ocean, more than 3 miles from the coastline - 3 parachute flares, 6 hand flares, and 3 smoke flares.

Life Jackets / Life Ring : Each vessel shall carry (as a minimum) the following:
One U.S.C.G. approved life jacket (readily accessible, Type I, II, III or V of suitable size for the intended wearer) for each person on board. On U.S.C.G approved life ring, Type IV, (immediately available)

First Aid Kit : Each vessel shall carry on board a first aid kit containing at least the items specified in this section. The first aid kit shall be plainly marked and shall consist of a weatherproof container with individual sealed packages for each type of item. Contents of such kit shall contain a sufficient quantity of at least the following types of items:
Bandage compress, 4 inch, (1 pkg)
Bandage compress, 2 inch (4 pkgs)
Waterproof adhesive compress, 1 inch, (16 pkgs)
Eye dressing, 1/8th oz. ophthalmic ointment, adhesive strips, cotton pads, (1 pkg)
Bandage, gauze, compressed, 1 inches X 6 yards, (2 pkgs)
Tourniquet (1), forceps (1), scissors (1), safety pins (12)
Wire splint, (1 ea)
Ammonia inhalants, (10 ea)
Iodine applicators, (10 ea)
Aspirin, phenacetin & caffeine compound, 1-1/2 Gr. Tablets, vials of 20, (2 pkgs)
Sterile petrolatum gauze, 3 inches X 18 inches, (4 pkgs)
Contents of the first aid kit shall be checked before each trip and at least weekly to ensure the expended or expired items are replaced.