Saturday, December 22, 2007


To make your own flag and design, decide what meaning your symbols will have to those you capture.
What you will need:

A round wooden rod (24 in.) in length and (1/8 in.) in diameter.
· 1 picture hanging hoop screw or a ring pull from a soft-drink can.
· masking tape.
· black material or black plastic.
· scissors.
· string (double the length of your rod)
· plain white paper
· pencil
· fluorescent paint or pen
· glue

1. Screw the hoop screw into the wooden rod, about (1/4 in.) from one end, or use a ring-pull from a soft-drink can, attached firmly to the side of the rod with masking tape.

2. Cut a rectangle out of black material or plastic (16 x 40 in.). Glue one of the shorter edges around the middle of the length of string so it is stuck securely.

3. On paper, draw your design for a flag maybe a skull, or some other symbol. Color it (fluorescent colors are great) and cut it out. Glue it to your black flag.

4. Thread the string above the flag down through the screw - ring-pull and tie it to the other end of the string. Hoist the flag. Wrap the string around the pole to keep it secured.