Saturday, December 22, 2007


What you will need:
· medium-weight plain paper
· colored pencils or waterproof pens
· a used, slightly damp teabag
· ribbon
· colored, bakeable modeling clay
· old or new coin( s), as big as possible

1. Draw a map of a desert island. Decide where your camp is. Where do you go to fish for food? Where are the swampy places? And where would you bury any treasure?
Put on as many sites as you like.

2. Make your map look old. Bend the corners and tear them a little. Use the teabag (not too damp) to wipe over the drawing. Leave to dry.

3. You could roll up the map, tie ribbon around the outside, and add a seal. Seals can be made from pressing a coin into modeling clay. Remove the coin and bake the clay for about 20 minutes. Cut a small "V" out of one end of the ribbon and stick the seal close to the other end. Alternatively, you could cut a line at the bottom of your map, and thread your ribbon this, with the seal hanging at the front.