Friday, December 28, 2007


1.The sea is foggiest on the? Grand Banks of Newfoundland where on average, 120 days of the year are foggy.

2. What is a nautical "camel"?
Answer: A float used as a fender

3. The "Seven Seas" is a term considered to include "all the waters and oceans of the world".The term has historically been applied to what seven waters?"
Answer: The seven seas are generally considered to be the N. Pacific, S. Pacific, N. Atlantic, S. Atlantic, Arctic, Antarctic, and Indian Oceans.

4. What is the brightest star in the sky? Sirius.

5. The term small stuff is used to describe? Line.

6. A mop is called a ? Swab in nautical terms.

7. Caribbean pirates were known as buccaneers. What were Mediterranean pirates called?
Answer: Corsairs.

8. In nautical terminology, what is the name given to a light, warm wind on the surface of the sea?
Answer: "Cat's Skin"

9. What is the term Scuttlebutt? The cask of drinking water on ships was called a scuttlebutt and since Sailors exchanged gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt for a drink of water, scuttlebutt became U.S. Navy slang for gossip or rumors.

10.Binnacle List A ship's sick-list. A binnacle was the stand on which the ship's compass was mounted. In the eighteenth century and probably before, a list was given to the officer or mate of the watch, containing the names of men unable to report for duty. The list was kept at the binnacle.