Monday, December 31, 2007

Nautical Info and Trivia

1. The date is the same all over the world at ?
Answer - 1200 GMT.

2. The reference point for determination of GMT is the passage of the mean sun over what line?
Answer - 180 degree's Longitude.

3. A mean sun is ?
Answer - A fictitious sun conceived to move eastward along the celestial equator.

4. 1 fathom is equal to ?
Answer - 6 feet.

5. 1 cable is equal to ?
Answer - 720 feet, also 0.1 nautical mile (British).

6. What is a Fidley Deck ?
Answer - A partially raised deck over the engine.

7. Charley Noble - A British merchant service captain, Charles Noble, is said to be responsible for the origin, for the galley smokestack. It seems that Captain Noble, discovering that the stack of his ship's galley was made of copper, ordered that it be kept bright. The ship's crew then started referring to the stack as the "Charley Noble."

8. Holystone - often used to scrub the decks of ships. Sailors had to kneel as if in prayer when scrubbing the decks. Holystone was often called so because it is full of holes.

9. Jack Tar a slang term for a Sailor, The term "Jack tar" was used by the 1780s early sailors wore overalls and broad-brimmed hats made of tar-impregnated fabric called tarpaulin cloth. The hats, and the sailors who wore them, were called tarpaulins, which may have been shortened to tars.

10. Whistling for Wind: Based on a very old tradition that whistling at sea will cause a wind to rise.