Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The Quick turn is the main response to the Man overboard emergency on a sailboat. Despite many new approaches, it is still a good strategy and often the best method. When the crew is short handed, or when the vessel is in heavy weather, the Quick turn method is good because it avoids a jibe.
The Quick turn is essentially a figure eight. On a sailboat it consists of the following steps:

Calling out "Crew Overboard"
Assign a person to keep the victim in sight and clearly point towards him or her.
Hit the MOB button on the GPS.
Start the engine and leave it in idle.
Change course to a beam reach and hold for about 15 seconds.
Head into the wind and tack, leave the jib fluttering.
Veer off until the boat is at a beam reach.
Turn up wind until the vessel is pointing at the victim, at this point the vessel should be on a close reach.
Slacken the main sail until the vessel comes to a stop with the victim on the lee side of the boat.
Hoist the victim on board with a sling, the spinnaker halyard can be very helpful if it is available